Barbro Enckell-Grimm, Hufvudstadsbladet 22.9.2014

Glims & Gloms’ a good half-hour long dance performance for the youngest members of the family is called PapulaBOX. The three dancers - Simo Heiskanen, Jonna Aaltonen and Mikko Heino - bear a strong resemblance to Teletubbies. With their empty faces, short steps and mechanical movement patterns they create a world that feels quite pleasant in its rectilinear simplicity. The colors of the costumes follow the same line: clean and luminous colors against a black background. Even the music is limited to sound effects like a train thumping on the rail or machines beeping and pounding.


Gradually, Heiskanen’s choreography grows and moves outside the box, breaks down the fourth wall and stretches bodies as well as reality. Simo Heiskanen’s choreography studies combining geometric shapes – the circle, the square and the triangle. There is something robotic about the performance but it also shows the appeal and the beauty of mathematics.


Not until towards the end of the 40-minute performance do the dancers begin to dance with each other - lift, carry and touch. Some members of the public are asked to join in.


There is something relaxed and liberating about dance performances for children. Actually, they are well suited for any inexperienced dance audience. Here one is taken by the hand and lead to join the game. A twinkle in the eye helps to avoid the trap of becoming too discerningly refined or carefully premeditated.



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