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NÄKKI - the spirit of water

A story in dance for the whole family about how Näkki appears for the villagers on Midsummer night and starts to dance…

"We who live on dry land call our home planet the Earth. However, it is the blue of the oceans that dominates the surface of the globe. On the earth, life swarms with its thousands of shades, but under the waters, there is more folk and living space."

The story is based on ancient Nordic mythology. During Midsummers night, Näkki rises from the water to dance in the middle of the celebrating people.

"He was a phenomenal talent, the prince of dance. He led his partner as on the top of a roller, like the tide leads the impatient sails to the wide seas."

Näkki influences the villagers' lives in many ways, most of all a girl called Liina, who follows him to the water kingdom, and a musician called Tommi Toistaitoinen, who becomes a famous virtuoso after hearing Näkki play. Näkki's music frightens the villagers and awakens the waters.

"Fins like fans kept beating the water and an agile creature with a dog's muzzle and a perch's tail climbed on the sandy waterfront."

The main character of the story is, however, Liina's little brother Aukusti, who looks for Liina from Midsummer Day onwards, in vain. Not before midwinter, Aukusti finds out where Liina is, when he runs into Näkki, who is resting on the edge of a hole in the ice. He has come to warn Aukusti about a crack in the ice on Liina's request.

-I have not met you before, but I have heard many stories about you, says Näkki and swings nimbly on the edge of the ice.
-Stories? Aukusti was amazed. - Who told you about me?
-It is Liina who tells stories and I listen, for the delight of winter evenings.

Aukusti meets Näkki again in the spring when it's time for the breakup of the ice. This time it is Aukusti's turn to help Näkki, who has been caught by the villagers and has turned into water on dry land. Aukusti helps him return into his own element.

"Splashing and splattering are heard, the scoop sinks again and again into the blue pond and empties its contents into the cowl that was borrowed from the laundy at the waterfront. Hurry up, Aukusti, before the day dawns and dries the blue pond!"

Glims & Gloms performed Näkki's story with speech, dancing and singing. The elements of Krohn's story - fantasy, folk tradition, the seasons and sorrow - were accounted in a warm, comforting, even mischievous way. Small-scale ways opened space for imagination. The visualization of the work created the magic of Midsummer night, the severeness of winter as well as the many forms of underwater life.

The premiere was at the Kuopio Dance Festival, June 19, 2004.