suomeksi / in English

• Choreography, visualisation and dance

• Composer

• Video

• Lightning designer

• duration 1h.




"The performance criticizes technology, but in a very sweet and hilarious way. The work does really prove that new technology is fun." (Auli Räsänen, Helsingin Sanomat)

"The whole stage of Kiasma Theatre is like an instrument. In addition to the soundscape that Heiskanen has created on tape, even the floor and the walls of the hall ring; they react to speech and movement in real time. The result is amusing and playful, lightly cacophonic." (Anni Valtonen, Aamulehti)

"With their new production JAVA in the Kiasma Theatre, the duo known for their versatile and easily accessible performances, Simo Heiskanen and Tuomo Railo make a fantastic comeback. As a whole, JAVA is a true scenic adventure and an exuberant flow which one does not easily forget… The relationship between man and machine find in JAVA a new and unconditionally up-to-date depth in a purely fascinating form." (Jan-Peter Kaiku, Hufvudstadsbladet)

"The work which is generous in its selection of tricks, is written by Railo, and the music was made by Heiskanen. They share an enthusiasm for computers, which makes it the most futuristic experiment in Finnish dance so far… If a genre called topical dance exists, this is it." (Annukka Ruuskanen, Kaleva)

"Is the whole thing just technology? Oh, no. The duo has always had something thought-inspiring to say and that is the case now as well… The joyfully proceeding JAVA is spurred by the dancers' playing with floor sensors. The live image, video clips and the frolic of those on the stage is splendidly timed… JAVA is intelligently put together, uses technology magnificently and is a joyful whole." (Pirjo Raiskio, Turun Sanomat)

Premiered at Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, on November 1999.