Dance performance full of playful motion for
children and the childlike


In papulaBOX, the energetic papulae Ball, Square and Triangle find out the difference between a line segment and a line, and get to know circles, rhombuses and parallelograms. The papulae do scientific motion tests and acquaint themselves profoundly in the substance of the triangle.


Testing the possibilities of different movements makes Ball’s and Triangle's feet go giddy. Square hurries to their rescue, but will he solve the problem without help from the audience?


PapulaBOX, which plays with geometrical figures, is made for children over three years.


The opening night of the performance was on the 18th of September, 2014 in Espoo Culture Centre. The performance tours in theatres and other spaces like school gymnasiums.


In 2017 Glims & Gloms produced together with Hattara Films papulaBOX-movie, that has beed broadcasted by YLE, Finnish Broadcasting Company. The film is touring in children's film festivals during the year 2018.


Choreography: Simo Heiskanen

Set and costume design: Metti Nordin

Lighting design: Pasi Pehkonen

Dancers: Jonna Aaltonen, Mikko Heino, Simo Heiskanen


Duration 40 min.

For 3 years old an up


 info(at)glimsgloms.com | +358 405247647


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