Nom de plume is a cabaret soirée created by Simo Heiskanen and Mari Kätkä. It takes the spectator to the sources of humanity and sexual identity with the help of classical compositions of Jacques Brel, Friedrich Hollaender and Kurt Weill.


Simo's caricature character with his top hat is looking for his inner image, generously showing his findings, and bravely yielding to varying moods. At the same time he happens to reveal his background as a petty criminal. Mari Kätkä as a sullen goth accordion player follows to her best ability this roller coaster of emotions and occasionally puts an end to it all.


This cabaret soirée is available for different occasions and festivities.


The opening night of the performance was on the 6th of February, 2014 in Music Theatre Kapsäkki, in Helsinki, Finland.

Simo Heiskanen’s and Mari Kätkä’s cabaret is a wild, fast and skillful performance! I recommend!

- Jorma Uotinen



Artistic design and performance: Diva

Musician: Mari Kätkä

Lighting design: Pasi Pehkonen


Duration 1h 45min.

(incl. intermission)


 info(at)glimsgloms.com | +358 405247647


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