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Balance sheet books (in Finnish)

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    Glims & Gloms joenhaara

    The Relief Association is responsible for the operation of GLIMS & GLOMS Dance Company. The chairman of the board of the association is Tuomo Railo and the vice-chairman is Simo Heiskanen. The members of the board are Laura Jännes, who is the secretary, Esko Vilkman, who is the bookkeeper, and Jussi-Mikko Kesti, who is the accountant.

    The association has received support from the Espoo board of culture, National Council for Dance, Arts Council of Finland, Arts Council of Uusimaa, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Esek - the Finnish Music Promotion Centre.

    The theatre has produced performances in co-operation with Espoo city Culture Department Centre and Zodiak - Centre of new dance.


    The name GLIMS & GLOMS refers to the two rivers called Glims and Gloms, which empty into the river Espoo and join together at the dried up lake Kirkkojärvi. The tiny river beds are inhabited by, for example, a rare beetle species called purohyrrä. From this local ground GLIMS & GLOMS aspires to become an international pearl.

    (Photo: Place where the rivers Glims and Gloms unite photographed by Tuomo Railo in November 2006.)